Module QXS-9003:
Ad. Vocabulary Use & Reading

Module Facts

Run by School of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics

1 Credits or 0.5 ECTS Credits

Semester 2

Organiser: Mrs Fawzia Parker

Overall aims and purpose

This module, available only to non-native speakers of English, aims to enable students to widen their range of academic, topic-related and social vocabulary. This helps them to improve the quality of their writing through appropriate vocabulary choice and correct usage. The reading elements of the module enable students to enhance their ability to identify main points in text and to paraphrase effectively. This enables them to synthesise material from several sources and incorporate it correctly into their own written work in an appropriate style. Students practise techniques to increase their reading speed and are encouraged to raise their awareness of style and genre in text and to recognise the force of implication and hedging in understanding the authors intent and meaning.

N.B. This is a non-credit bearing equivalent module to QXS4003

Course content

This course is suitable for Non-native speakers of English with an IELTS of less than 7.0

It is a non-credit bearing equivalent to module QXS4003

Learning outcomes

  1. On successful completion of this module, students will:

    1. Be able to read, understand and appraise a variety of written styles.
    2. Demonstrate appropriate vocabulary use in academic writing.
    3. Demonstrate a broad knowledge of English words and expressions.
    4. Be able to identify the main points in reading texts and incorporate them into their own written work, using appropriate paraphrase.
    5. Be able to take notes from reading and use the notes for effective paraphrase.
    6. Have increased their reading speed.
    7. Be able to synthesise material into their written work from a variety of sources.

Assessment Methods

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