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Module UXS-3302:
Exhibition Module

Module Facts

Run by School of Music, Drama and Performance

60 Credits or 30 ECTS Credits

Semester 1 & 2

Organiser: Ms Wanda Zyborska

Overall aims and purpose

This concluding module takes the full year of part time study to complete and has as its main focus the degree show. It also marks a transition to life beyond university, for which the programme has been a preparation throughout.

The module commences with two or three introductory sessions which will cover the preparation of Learning Plans and initial planning for the final degree exhibition.

In the later stages of the module you will again have the opportunity for working in your home studios as the degree show draws near and during the tutorial visit there is a valuable opportunity to review progress and discuss future practice beyond the course.

During the studio weeks there will be a review of Learning Plans and progress to date, along with further preparations for the degree exhibition and ultimately life beyond College. The degree exhibition will necessarily involve you considering methods of presenting work, critical self evaluation, professional experience in working with an external gallery and developing individual and group communication and organisational skills.

The Journal remains important throughout and you will receive specific verbal and written feedback on your studio practice and developing critical awareness during the module. Your Journal should reflect a strong critical engagement with the week by week progression of the course. It should finally contain a curriculum vitae, two copies of a self-evaluation of progress towards the aims described in the personal Learning Plan, and a statement summarising your work (1 side A4) to be included at the front. You will be encouraged to continue an online presence in the form of a blog or wiki using Blackboard or an appropriate outside tool.

Course content

This concluding module takes the full year of part time study to complete and has as its main focus the degree show. It also marks a transition to life beyond university, for which the programme has been a preparation throughout.

Assessment Criteria


D– to D+: Threshold: To achieve this, you will have completed the Learning Outcomes to the lowest acceptable Level of competence, evident in both exhibited visual work and appropriate supporting studies. While you will have developed a range of intellectual, practical and transferable skills appropriate to this level of study, there will be little evidence of individual initiative or independent thought.


C– to C+: Good: There will be evidence of competence throughout with noticeably good levels of achievement in some but not all learning outcomes. Work presented for exhibition along with related supporting studies will demonstrate coherent working processes against a background of purposeful visual and documentary research. You will have demonstrated a degree of personal initiative and a good grasp of the range of subject specific and transferable skills which will equip you for the demands of professional practice beyond the course.

B– to B+: Very Good: Here there will be significant Levels of achievement in most if not all aspects of the course and its Learning Outcomes. The exhibition of work will be distinctive and of good professional standard, reflecting coherent, focused working processes supported by a strong portfolio of visual and documentary research. There will be evidence throughout of self-motivation, independent thought and a firm grasp of the range of subject-specific and transferable skills which will equip you not only for professional practice beyond the course, but also, in appropriate cases, for the demands of post-graduate study.


A– to A: Excellent: The range of marks available in this category indicates the various spheres and the many ways in which you can achieve excellence, and coincidentally reflects the broad area which is contemporary fine art practice. The work presented for exhibition will be ambitious, strongly motivated and executed to a good professional standard. The technical means employed will be appropriate to the content and scale. Supporting studies, visual, documentary and theoretical, will be coherent, purposeful and well-researched, with ample evidence of critical, analytical and organisational skills. The potential for post-graduate study and/or a meaningful professional career should be unmistakable.

Learning outcomes

  1. The ability to prepare a body of related visual work and supporting studies to degree exhibition standard

  2. Presentation skills appropriate to this purpose

  3. Development of the range of transferable, interpersonal and subject-specific skills appropriate to this level, and hence to professional life beyond the course.

Assessment Methods

Type Name Description Weight
Portfolio 70
Journal 30

Teaching and Learning Strategy


Individual Tutorials (30 x 4 hour)


Lectures (15 x 1 hour)

Private study 420
Practical classes and workshops

Practical instruction (15 x 1 hour)

Group Project

Group Criticisms (15 x 1 hour)


Seminars (15 x 1 hour)


Pre- and Co-requisite Modules

Courses including this module

Compulsory in courses: