Module XUE-2042:
School Experience Secondary

Module Facts

Run by School of Education and Human Development

30 Credits or 15 ECTS Credits

Semester 1 & 2

Organiser: Mr Dewi Rowlands

Overall aims and purpose

To enable students to develop the skills and competence in practical teaching that are required to satisfy the learning outcomes, which are adapted from the statutory standards and are appropriate to HE Level 2. (See the Programme Specification and the School Experience Handbook.)

Course content

Assessment Criteria


See learning outcomes.


A preponderance of grades at Grade 2 in the standards for HE Level 2.


A preponderance of grades at Grade 1 in the standards for HE Level 2.

Learning outcomes

  1. The learning outcomes for the School Experience modules are derived directly from the statutory standards, adapted to the appropriate level. They provide a detailed description of the threshold level for success in each year. They are included in the Programme Specification, which sets out the minimum requirements for each level. They fall into four categories: Knowledge and Understanding; Planning, Teaching, and Class Management; Monitoring, Assessment, Recording, Reporting, and Accountability; and Other Professional Requirements. The detailed requirements cannot easily be summarised. Reference should be made to the Programme Specification and to the appropriate School Experience Handbook.

Assessment Methods

Type Name Description Weight

Teaching and Learning Strategy

  Students spend about 40 days a year in schools. The total time of 300 hours for Year 2 includes time spent in teaching, and in observation and preparation. The school placement time is a statutory requirement.  

Courses including this module

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