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Undergraduate Courses: 2019–20

The table below shows all the courses in the School of Health Sciences (including our joint honours programmes) in the year 2019–20. Follow the links for details of the modules studied in each course.

The courses and modules we offer are subject to annual change. You can also view the list of courses for: 2018–19; 2020–21

Courses listed are not necessarily available to new students this year. Prospective students interested in an overview of the courses we offer should view our Undergraduate Courses pages.

UCAS code Course Bangor code
B741BN Adult NursingBN/ADTN
B742BN Adult Nursing (Part-time)BN/ADPT
B750HE Cert Advanced Dental NursingCERT/ADDN
B732BN Children's NursingBN/CHN
B821BSc Diagnostic RadiographyBSC/DR
L513BA Health and Social Care with International ExperienceBA/HSIE
L510BA Health & Social CareBA/HSC
L51BBA Health & Social Care (4 yr with Incorporated Foundation)BA/HSC1
B701BSc Health Studies (part-time)BSC/HS
L514MSocSci Health and Social CareMSOCSCI/HSC
B704BSc Health and WellbeingBSC/HW
B763BN Learning DisabilitiesNursingBN/LDN
B762BN Mental Health NursingBN/MHN
B767BN Mental Health Nursing part-timeBN/MHPT
B720BM Midwifery(3 yr)BM/MW
LL5KPolisi Cymdeithasol & Health and Social CareBA/PCHSC