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Undergraduate Courses: 2020–21

The table below shows all the courses in the School of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics (including our joint honours programmes) in the year 2020–21. Follow the links for details of the modules studied in each course.

The courses and modules we offer are subject to annual change. You can also view the list of courses for: 2018–19; 2019–20

Courses listed are not necessarily available to new students this year. Prospective students interested in an overview of the courses we offer should view our Undergraduate Courses pages.

UCAS code Course Bangor code
NR43BA Accounting/ItalianBA/AIT
NR44BA Accounting/SpanishBA/ASP
NR33BA Banking/ItalianBA/BIT
NR34BA Banking/SpanishBA/BSP
Q102MArts BilingualismMARTS/BILING
NBR1BSc Business Management with FrenchBSC/BMFR
NBR2BSc Business Management with GermanBSC/BMG
NBR3BSc Business Management with ItalianBSC/BMI
NBR4BSc Business Management with SpanishBSC/BMS
N2T1BA Business Management and ChineseBA/BMCH
N2R3BA Business Management and ItalianBA/BMI
N2R4BA Business Management and SpanishBA/BMS
N2R1BA Business Management and FrenchBA/BMFR
N2R2BA Business Management and GermanBA/BMG
N1T1BA Business Studies and ChineseBA/BUSCH
NR1HBA Business Studies and ItalianBA/BUSSI
NR1KBA Business Studies and SpanishBA/BUSSS
NR1CBA Business Studies/FrenchBA/BUSSF
NR1FBA Business Studies and GermanBA/BUSSG
T112BA Chinese & French with ItalianBA/CHFI
T113BA Chinese & French with SpanishBA/CHFS
T115BA Chinese & German with ItalianBA/CHGI
T116BA Chinese & German with SpanishBA/CHGS
T117BA Chinese & Italian with FrenchBA/CHIF
T118BA Chinese & Italian with GermanBA/CHIG
T119BA Chinese & Italian with SpanishBA/CHIS
T120BA Chinese & Spanish with FrenchBA/CHSF
T121BA Chinese & Spanish with GermanBA/CHSG
T122BA Chinese & Spanish with ItalianBA/CHSI
T103BA Chinese and Creative StudiesBA/CHCS
T102BA Chinese and CymraegBA/CHCY
T104BA Chinese and FrenchBA/CHFR
T111BA Chinese and French with GermanBA/CHFG
T105BA Chinese and GermanBA/CHG
T114BA Chinese and German with FrenchBA/CHGF
T106BA Chinese and ItalianBA/CHIT
T101BA Chinese and LinguisticsBA/CHL
T107BA Chinese and SpanishBA/CHSP
WQ93BA Creative Stds & English Lang.BA/CSTEL
W890BA Creative&Professional WritingBA/CPW
MR95BA Criminology&Criml Just/ItalianBA/CRIT
MR94BA Criminology/SpanishBA/CRSP
QR51BA Cymraeg/FrenchBA/WFR
QR52BA Cymraeg/GermanBA/WG
QQ15BA Cymraeg and LinguisticsBA/WL
L1T1BA Economics and ChineseBA/ECCH
LR13BA Economics/ItalianBA/ECIT
LR14BA Economics/SpanishBA/ECSP
8G55BA English Language with Creative Writing (with Int Exp)BA/ELCIE
Q3WLBA Eng Lang with Creat WritBA/ELCW
Q3WPBA Eng Lang with Film StudsBA/ELFS
M3Q9BA English Literature and Criminology and Criminal JusticeBA/ENC
2P78BA English Lit with Creative Writing with International ExpBA/ECI
Q310BA Eng Lit with Eng LangBA/ELEL
QQCFBA English Language & English Lit [with Foundation Year]BA/ELLITF
QQC3BA English Lang and LitBA/ELLIT
Q3P3BA English Lang with Media StdsBA/ELMS
LQ3JBA English Lang. & SociologyBA/ELSOC
Q301BA English LanguageBA/EL
QQ3MBA English Language & CymraegBA/ELC
PQ53BA English Language & JournalismBA/ELJO
CQ83BA English Language & PsychologyBA/ELPSY
T123BA English Language and ChineseBA/ELCH
QR3CBA English Language and FrenchBA/ELFR
QR3FBA English Language and GermanBA/ELG
QR3HBA English Language and ItalianBA/ELIT
QR3KBA English Language and SpanishBA/ELSP
Q315BA English Language for TEFLBA/ELT
Q316MArts English Language for TEFLMARTS/ELT
Q3Q2BA English Language w English LitBA/ENGEL
2P17BA English Literature and Creative WritingBA/ENCW
32N6BA English Literature and MusicBA/ELM
32M8BA English Literature with Theatre and PerformanceBA/ELTP
2D13BA English Literature with Creative WritingBA/ENGLC
Q2W9MArts English Literature with Creative WritingMARTS/ELCW
065CBA English Literature with JournalismBA/ELJ
8H25BA English LiteratureBA/ENGL
Q320MArts English LiteratureMARTS/ELIT
T124BA English Literature & ChineseBA/LITCH
09V3BA English Literature and ItalianBA/ELI
8H26BA English Literature (with International Experience)BA/ENIE
3YT5BA English Literature and SpanishBA/ELIS
3P3QBA Film Studies and English LiteratureBA/FSEL
T125BA Film Studies and ChineseBA/FSCH
PQ3JBA Film Studies and English LanguageBA/FSELAN
PR31BA Film Studies and FrenchBA/FSFR4
PR32BA Film Studies and GermanBA/FSGER
P0R3BA Film Studies and ItalianBA/FSI
PR34BA Film Studies and SpanishBA/FSSPAN4
R101BA FrenchBA/F4
06CDBA French and English LiteratureBA/FEL
R901BA French & German with ItalianBA/FGI4
R913BA French & German with SpanishBA/FGS4
R918BA French & Italian with GermanBA/FIG4
R919BA French & Italian with SpanishBA/FIS4
R914BA French & Spanish with GermanBA/FSG4
R915BA French & Spanish with ItalianBA/FSI4
WR91BA French and Creative StudiesBA/CSTFR
R181BA French with Psychology (with International Experience)BA/FPIE
R1NCBA French with Business StudiesBA/FBS
T108BA French with ChineseBA/FRCH
R1W8BA French with Creative WritingBA/FRCW
R1R2BA French with GermanBA/FRWGER
R1R3BA French with ItalianBA/FI4
R1P5BA French with JournalismBA/FRJO
R1N1BA French with MarketingBA/FRMKT
R1P3BA French with Media StudiesBA/FRMS
R1C8BA French with PsychologyBA/FPSY
R1R5BA French with Spanish (with International Experience)BA/FSPIE
R1R4BA French with SpanishBA/FS4
R920French, German and Italian with International ExperienceBA/FGI4IE
R91FBA French, German & SpanishBA/FGS4#F
R916BA French, German & ItalianBA/FGI4#
R912BA French, German & SpanishBA/FGS4#
R917BA French, Italian & SpanishBA/FIS4#
NR41BA French/AccountingBA/FRA
NR31BA French/BankingBA/FRB
MR91BA French/Criminology&Crim'l JustBA/FRCR
LR11BA French/EconomicsBA/FREC
RR13BA French/Italian(4 years)BA/FI
RR14BA French and SpanishBA/FS4#
R200BA GermanBA/GER
R921BA German & Italian with FrenchBA/GIF4
R924BA German & Italian with SpanishBA/GIS4
R922BA German & Spanish with FrenchBA/GSF4
R923BA German & Spanish with ItalianBA/GSI4
R925BA German, Italian & SpanishBA/GIS4#
WR92BA German and Creative StudiesBA/CSTG
3N7SBA German and English LiteratureBA/GEL
8Y64BA German and Spanish (with International Experience)BA/GSIE
R2NCBA German with Business StudiesBA/GBS
T109BA German with ChineseBA/GCH
R2W8BA German with Creative WritingBA/GERCW
R2R1BA German with FrenchBA/GERWFR
R2R3BA German with ItalianBA/GI4
R2P5BA German with JournalismBA/GJO
R2N1BA German with MarketingBA/GERMKT
R2P4BA German with Media StudiesBA/GMST
R2C8BA German with PsychologyBA/GPSY
R2R4BA German with SpanishBA/GS4
NR42BA German/AccountingBA/GA
NR32BA German/BankingBA/GB
MR92BA Criminology&CrimJustice/GermanBA/GCR
LR12BA German/EconomicsBA/GEC
RR12BA German/FrenchBA/G4F
RR23BA German/ItalianBA/GI
RR24BA German/Spanish (4 years)BA/GS
3QV1BA History and English LiteratureBA/ELH
RV11BA History/FrenchBA/HFR
RV21BA History/GermanBA/HG
RV31BA History/ItalianBA/HIT
RV41BA History/SpanishBA/HSP
Q314BA International English Language for TEFLBA/IELT
R926BA Italian & Spanish with FrenchBA/ISF4
R927BA Italian & Spanish with GermanBA/ISG4
WR93BA Italian and Creative StudiesBA/CSTITAL
QR53BA Italian/CymraegBA/ITCY
QR13BA Italian/LinguisticsBA/ITL
CR6HBA Italian/Sports ScienceBA/ITSSC
M115LLB Law with English Literature (International Experience)LLB/ILEL
MT11LLB Law with ChineseLLB/LC
MT12LLB Law with Chinese (International Experience)LLB/LCIE
M116LLB Law with French (European Experience)LLB/LFE
M117LLB Law with German (European Experience)LLB/LGE
M118LLB Law with Italian (European Experience)LLB/LITE
M119LLB Law with Spanish (European Experience)LLB/LSE
Q140BA Ling & the Eng LangBA/LELA
QQ31BA Linguistics & the English Language with International ExpBA/LWEL
Q1Q3BA Ling with Eng LitBA/LEL
Q100BA LinguisticsBA/LING
Q101MArts LinguisticsMARTS/LING
1Q3QBA Linguistics and English LiteratureBA/ELL
Q104BA Linguistics (with International Experience))BA/LINGIE
Q1C8BA Linguistics and PsychologyBA/LP
QR11BA Linguistics/FrenchBA/LFR
QR12BA Linguistics/GermanBA/LG
QR14BA Linguistics/SpanishBA/LSP
NR51BA Marketing and French (4 year)BA/MKTFR#
NR52BA Marketing and German (4 year)BA/MKTGER4
NR53BA Marketing and Italian (4 year)BA/MKTITAL
NR54BA Marketing and Spanish (4 year)BA/MKTSP
P3R5BA Media Stud with Spanish (with International Experience)BA/MSSPIE
3HPQBA Media Studies and English LiteratureBA/MEN
RW13BA Music/FrenchBA/MUFR
WR32BA Music/GermanBA/MUGE
WR33BA Music/ItalianBA/MUIT
WR34BA Music/SpanishBA/MUSP
3VQVBA Philosophy and Religion and English LiteratureBA/PREN
VVR4BA Philosophy and Religion and SpanishBA/PRS
VVR3BA Philosophy and Religion and ItalianBA/PRI
VVR1BA Philosophy and Religion and FrenchBA/PRF
VVR2BA Philosophy and Religion and GermanBA/PRG
3L3QBA Sociology and English LiteratureBA/SEL
LQ31BA Sociology/LinguisticsBA/SL
R400BA SpanishBA/SP4
WR94BA Spanish & Creative StudiesBA/CSTSP
R4N1BA Spanish with Business StudiesBA/SPBS
T110BA Spanish with ChineseBA/SPCH
R4W8BA Spanish with Creative WritingBA/SPCW
R4R1BA Spanish with FrenchBA/SPFR
R4R2BA Spanish with GermanBA/SPG
R4R3BA Spanish with ItalianBA/SPI
R4P5BA Spanish with JournalismBA/SPJO
R4N5BA Spanish with MarketingBA/SPMKT
R4P3BA Spanish with Media StudiesBA/SPMS
QR54BA Spanish/CymraegBA/SPCY
RR43BA Spanish/ItalianBA/SI
CR6KBA Spanish/Sports ScienceBA/SPSSC
CR61BA Sports Science/FrenchBA/SPSFR
CR62BA Sports Science/GermanBA/SPSG