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Module UXS-2202:
Practice and Presentation

Module Facts

Run by School of Music and Media

30 Credits or 15 ECTS Credits

Semester 1 & 2

Organiser: Ms Wanda Zyborska

Overall aims and purpose

This module aims to encourage further the independent approach to learning which is characteristic of this level of study. As in the previous two modules students are again required to prepare a Learning Plan. This should identify personal targets, propose a coherent programme of study in which the relationship between theory and practice is addressed, and should demonstrate overall a realistic grasp of the organisation of time and relevant resources.

Throughout the module there is an emphasis on the underpinning visual research, the theoretical and practical infrastructures which will enable the production ultimately of completed pieces of work and practical sustainable process. Students are actively encouraged to develop independent methods of working and tutors will advise on best practice.

However, it is recognised that such progression is rarely smooth and full credit will be given for determined studentship, integrity of purpose and the potential for future development. In this spirit tutors will provide one-to-one tuition as required, and as the module develops may encourage the review of the Learning Plan. Verbal and written feedback will be given on practical and journal work throughout the module.

Guidance and advice on preparation for life after the course or higher levels of study is integral to the tutorial process at this stage of the course. Tutors and visiting lecturers will pass on their own experiences in practical sessions and in lectures and seminars. There will also be tutor and visitor led input addressing aspects of professional and business awareness particularly relevant to continuing artistic practice.

Course content

This module encourages development towards self-motivated study and the production of a body of work which will meet the requirements of Diploma assessment together with an introduction to the opportunities which lie beyond the course. A combination of group and individual tuition places an emphasis throughout on personal development, an accompanying intensification of historical and theoretical discourse, critical awareness and the essential underpinning of visual and documentary research.

Assessment Criteria


A– to A: Excellent: To achieve this grade you must be able to demonstrate substantial achievement in most if not all aspects of the module, excellence in some, and an appropriate infrastructure of coherent working practices and self-motivated theoretical support. The portfolio will contain examples of visual work demonstrating informed experimentation and authority of method to an excellent standard and indicating great potential.


C– to C+: Good: You will demonstrate competence throughout, with indications of promise and achievement in some if not all aspects of the module. There will be evidence of sound visual enquiry with good potential to develop ideas and process.

B– to B+: Very Good: You will demonstrate good Levels of achievement in most elements, with evidence of coherent working practices and appropriate Levels of theoretical support. The portfolio will have evidence of a range of idea and method demonstrating very good potential.


D– to D+: Threshold You will be able to demonstrate a general level of competence in the Learning Outcomes as above. Your work will be to a basic standard of visual enquiry and will demonstrate potential to explore further.

Learning outcomes

  1. Demonstrate substantial progress towards self-motivated artistic production

  2. Display in all aspects of the work evidence of a developing understanding of the relationship between visual and documentary research, theory and the production of coherent visual imagery

  3. Demonstrate a growing awareness of opportunities beyond the course, either for independent practice, employment or higher levels of study.

Assessment Methods

Type Name Description Weight
Portfolio 70
Journal 30

Teaching and Learning Strategy

Practical classes and workshops

Practical instruction (10 x 1 hour)


Individual Tutorials (15 x 4 hour)

Private study 210
Group Project

Group Criticisms (5 x 1 hour)


Seminars (10 x 1 hour)


Lectures (5 x 1 hour)


Pre- and Co-requisite Modules

Courses including this module

Compulsory in courses: