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Undergraduate Courses: 2020–21

The table below shows all the courses in the School of Ocean Sciences (including our joint honours programmes) in the year 2020–21. Follow the links for details of the modules studied in each course.

The courses and modules we offer are subject to annual change. You can also view the list of courses for: 2019–20

Courses listed are not necessarily available to new students this year. Prospective students interested in an overview of the courses we offer should view our Undergraduate Courses pages.

UCAS code Course Bangor code
C166BSc Applied Marine Biology (with International Experience)BSC/AMB4IE
C163BSC Applied Marine BiologyBSC/AMB4
F841BSC Coastal GeographyBSC/COASTG
F62FBSc Geological OceanographyBSC/GEOF
F650BSC Geological OceanographyBSC/GEO
F652MSci Geological OceanographyMSCI/GO
8S54BSc Geological Oceanography (with International Experience)BSC/GEOIE
F71PMSci Marine Biology and Oceanography with Placement YearMSCI/MBOP
F713BSc Marine Environmental Stud with International ExperienceBSC/MESIE
C160BSC Marine BiologyBSC/MB
C167MSci Marine BiologyMSCI/MB
C16FBSc Marine BiologyBSC/MBF
F712MSci Marine Biology and OceanographyMSCI/MBO
8B76BSc Marine Biology and Zoology (with International Exp)BSC/BMZIE
2W79MMBiol Marine Biology (with International Experience)MMBIOL/MBI
C165BSc Marine Biology (with International Experience)BSC/MBIE
C169MSci Marine Biology and ZoologyMSCI/MBZ
CF17BSC Marine Biology/OceanographyBSC/MBO
CC13BSC Marine Biology/ZoologyBSC/BMZ
F79PBSc Marine Environmental StudiesBSC/MESP
F710BSC Marine Environmental StudiesBSC/MES
F842BSc Marine GeographyBSC/MARG
C168MSci Marine Vertebrate ZoologyMSCI/MVZ
C351BSC Marine Vertebrate ZoologyBSC/MVZ
2F11BSc Marine Vertebrate Zoology (with International ExperienceBSC/MVZIE
F700BSC Ocean ScienceBSC/OS
F7F6BSc Ocean and GeophysicsBSC/OGP
F840BSc Physical Geography and OceanographyBSC/PGO
F734MSci Physical OceanographyMSCI/PO