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Module JXH-2031:
Preparing to Teach

Module Facts

Run by School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences

10 Credits or 5 ECTS Credits

Semester 2

Organiser: Mr Gethin Thomas

Overall aims and purpose

This module is designed to help students work as professional practitioners of physical education and sports coaching; and apply their sport science knowledge to these vocations.

Course content

The module will provide an opportunity for students to develop and refine higher skills of relevance to this context (e.g., an awareness of learning styles, application of psychological skills and motor learning literatures). As such students will develop techniques (e.g., reflective practice, performance profiling) to help them continue to enhance their skills and further their career post-graduation. Students will also learn how to facilitate the skill acquisition of others. In order to provide students with a meaningful experience and setting in which to develop such skills and techniques, students’ study and development will be housed within the context of progression towards (or actually attaining) National Governing Body awards in physical education.

Learning outcomes

  1. Upon completion of this module, students will: 3. Acquire the required number of coaching qualifications (coaching qualification must meet with assessment of needs and cannot be back dated)

  2. Upon completion of this module, students will: 4. Complete at least 10 hours (minimum)as a coach/volunteer in either local community clubs, schools (in support of local AYP programme) or in support of organisations such as the Urdd, Youth Organisations e.g. Guides/Scouts/Youth Clubs etc.

  3. Upon completion of this module, students will: 1. Successfully acquiring a work placement at a Secondary Schools Physical Education department following the completion of a formal letter and CV (minimum one week 5 days work placement)

  4. Upon completion of this module, students will: 2. Plan, initiate, record, and critically evaluate an appropriate and tailored programme of personal development based on an evaluation of strengths and areas for improvement specific to a Physical Education career path

  5. Upon completion of this module, students will: 5. Demonstrate effective and reflective practice and critical self –awareness during work placement e.g. observe and reflect upon examples of good practice and evaluate your own lesson/coaching session.

Assessment Methods

Type Name Description Weight
portfolio part 2 40
viva 60
Portfolio part 1 (formative feedback only!) 0
2 x coaching qualification with voluntary coaching 0

Teaching and Learning Strategy


2 x 3 hr disability training workshops


13 x 2 hr lectures over sem 1 and sem 2.

Private study

10 hrs coaching plus 40 hrs placement plus 2 hrs private study time plus 16 hrs gaining 2 x coaching qualifications


Transferable skills

  • Self-Management - Able to work unsupervised in an efficient, punctual and structured manner. To examine the outcomes of tasks and events, and judge levels of quality and importance
  • Exploring - Able to investigate, research and consider alternatives
  • Inter-personal - Able to question, actively listen, examine given answers and interact sensitevely with others
  • Safety-Consciousness - Having an awareness of your immediate environment, and confidence in adhering to health and safety regulations
  • Teamwork - Able to constructively cooperate with others on a common task, and/or be part of a day-to-day working team
  • Management - Able to utilise, coordinate and control resources (human, physical and/or financial)
  • Self-awareness & Reflectivity - Having an awareness of your own strengths, weaknesses, aims and objectives. Able to regularly review, evaluate and reflect upon the performance of yourself and others

Subject specific skills

  • demonstrate effective written and/or oral communication and presentation skills
  • work effectively independently and with others
  • self-appraise and reflect on practice
  • project manage and execute practical activities using appropriate techniques and procedures whilst demonstrating high levels of relevant skills
  • undertake fieldwork with continuous regard for safety and risk assessment.
  • communicate succinctly at a level appropriate to different audiences.
  • develop effective learning aids


Reading list

• Individual readings for each workshop will be suggested or provided via Blackboard. • Governing body syllabuses will form essential reading for your chosen qualification. These will be specific to your chosen qualification and can be obtained from the relevant governing body. E.g. Hockey Coaching UK, online resources are available at • Extra reading is essential to learn the required techniques as highlighted in the governing body syllabuses. For example: The Successful Coach: Guidelines for Coaching Practice (2nd Edition), Carpenter F & Crisfield P, Coachwise Business Solutions / The National Coaching Foundation, Leeds, 2005. • Please attend lectures for initial reading around needs assessments, goal setting and reflective practice. You are also encouraged to find additional resources.

Courses including this module

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