Peer Guide Calendar


Oct - Easter

On-line Peer Guide forms are open for completion

End Oct

Information sessions for potential new Peer Guides    - these are repeated at the beginning of semester 2

Nov / May

Peer Guide Training – every new Peer Guide must attend one of the several sessions on offer

Jan - June

References called in and disciplinary records checked for those who have completed training

Easter -  Sept

Peer Guides keep in touch with School Co-ordinators over organisation of  welcome activities


Peer Guides collect their handbooks and T shirts from School Co-ordinators

Arrival Weekend

Peer Guides Meet & Greet new students at Halls of Residences & invite everyone to the evening social events

Welcome Week

Peer Guides accompany new students throughout their first week – orientation tours, module options, registration, more social events

Beyond Welcome Week

Peer Guides continue to offer support after Welcome Week – this is less intensive and normally slows down quickly

April - May

Peer Guide Ceremony – presentation of certificates for all Peer Guides, including the Peer Guide of the Year Award