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Thinking of leaving? Advice here...

Are you thinking of leaving or interrupting / suspending your studies (eg for health reasons)?

If so, we strongly recommend that you discuss it with a member of staff before making your decision.  The staff will listen to your concerns and give you information that could help you overcome the issues and will guide you through the necessary processes once your decision has been made.

For Postgraduate Students the process is dealt with in the academic School and you should make an appointment to see the Course Director or your Supervisor to discuss the situation.

For Undergraduate Students the process is handled by Student Advisers in the Student Support Team in Student Services. However, we suggest you approach your Personal Tutor for initial guidance, particularly in relation to the academic considerations surrounding suspending your studies.

The exception to this is NHS funded students. For you the School will handle any withdrawal or suspension of studies as they have to make the necessary arrangements with the external organisations. However, you are still welcome to discuss the general implications of your options with the Student Advisers.

If your queries relate to the NHS funding you will find it useful to look at the terms and conditions relating to the NHS Bursary Scheme a copy of which can be found here.

We would welcome your feedback about the service received, to enable us to develop and provide the best possible service now and in the future.

Please contact one of the following with your comments:



Maria Lorenzini

Director of Student Services

Steph Barbaresi

Head of Student Support