Thinking of leaving? Advice here...

Temporary Suspending your Studies

If for some reason you believe you will need to defer your course (e.g. for health reasons) you should first discuss this with your Tutor and School but then you must contact the Student Services Centre to complete the necessary application procedures and to obtain advice on the criteria for granting temporary deferment and the consequent implications.

It is important that you are fully aware of the financial implications suspending/leaving or repeating your course. As  these can be complex you are advised to seek advice from either Kim or Wendy in the Student Services who can look at your case on an individual basis before making any firm decisions.

As a general rule students are allocated funding for the duration of their course (usually 3 or 4 years) plus one additional year. Students would be expected to self fund any additional years and would only be eligible for a maintenance loan for this period.

Permanently Withdrawing from your Studies

Any undergraduate student considering permanently withdrawing are encouraged to speak to Wendy or Kim in Student Support for advice, information and support before making any firm decision.

Students are expected to complete a Permanent Withdrawal from Study form as soon as they make a decision to withdraw from their studies. This form is available from the Student Support Team in Student Services.

Student Support Contact Details:

Kim Davies

Wendy Williams

Postgraduate Students

Postgraduate students wishing to withdraw from their studies either temporarily or permanently should discuss the matter with their supervisor (postgraduate research students), Course Director (postgraduate students on masters programmes), or Director of Postgraduate Studies. Once you have discussed your options you should arrange for the appropriate form to be completed as instructed as soon as possible.

Forms are available here, see also the ‘Procedures for Approving Interruption of Studies’ for further information.