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Making an Appointment

Support Session

We offer support sessions for those who would like some immediate support.

Book a Support Session if:

  • You need to see someone for some immediate support;
  • You would like to discuss an issue that you believe could be resolved quickly;
  • You need some counselling support between your scheduled counselling appointments.

Email: or Call 01248 388520 as close to 9.00am as possible to book a Support Session on the day that you want the appointment – they are not pre-bookable.

Wherever possible, Support Sessions are available Monday to Friday: 3.00pm and 3.30pm (times will vary during the summer vacation period).

Intake and Assessment:

Please call in to the Student Counselling Service Reception (room 418, 2nd floor, Neuadd Rathbone, College Road), Monday - Friday between 10.00am - 12.00pm and 2.00-4.00pm to collect an information pack if you wish to register with the service for Assessment if :

    • You need help in identifying appropriate psychoeducational / self-help resources;
    • Your doctor or other health professional has suggested seeking counselling support;
    • Your problems have been consistent for some time;
    • You feel you need time to solve your problems;
    • You think that individual or group counselling may benefit you.
  • You will then be asked to fill in our online intake forms. By providing us with your information, you agree to, and have read our Terms and Conditions under Confidentiality and Data Protection. Our forms ask for your contact details, demographic information, and also include several questions about your current difficulties and why you are seeking help. You will also be asked to fill in a measure ‘CCAPS’ which measures levels of functioning and distress across several areas of your life;

  • Once we have receive these details our duty counsellor will check these, and consider how best we might help.  We will then contact you via email to suggest what the next step might be. Often students benefit in the first instance by attending a psychoeducational workshop (which we hold frequently) or by utilising directed self-help support.  We particularly recommend the Building Resilience Programme.  This programme has been designed to provide a foundation of knowledge about how your mind, emotions and behaviour interact to produce many common difficulties, and to learn strategies for managing these difficulties.  Attendance at these workshops may be sufficient to give you the confidence and know-how to solve your difficulties for yourself, but if this is not the case they will be a valuable precursor and preparation for any further psychological help.  Our workshops are open to all students. Full details can be seen at
  • If, having attended a workshop, you feel that you require further help, you should e mail us at and ask for an individual assessment appointment. An Assessment Session is a 50 minute face to face appointment where you will be asked about your concerns, any relevant personal history and your current and previous support systems together with what you hope to gain from counselling. The counsellor will offer you some immediate support and explore with you what resources might be most beneficial. This might involve directing you to further or more appropriate self-help resources, iCan groups or workshops, arranging some individual counselling sessions or referral to another service.
  • Please note, that we are not an Emergency Service. If your situation seems really urgent then you should contact your GP and ask for an urgent appointment or, if out of hours, contact Accident & Emergency Services at your local Hospital.


Our website has information about Other Emergency and Support Services.