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Students Living at Home

One of the many stereotypes about students is that they all live in University Halls of Residence or in ‘student bed sit land’. However, stereotypes are just that and don’t reflect the reality.

So if you’re one of our many students who live at home with their families rather than moving in to student accommodation in Bangor don’t worry.   Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re not a proper student or are an outsider.

All students have different student experiences – after all, we’re all individuals and will take the parts of the student life that suit us. With about 11, 000 students at Bangor that’s 11,000 different student experiences.

Living away from student accommodation is just one of the options that creates your individual student experience just as deciding on module choices, which clubs and societies to join and which volunteering projects to get involved with do.  And with each choice you’ll engage with a different aspect of university with lots of different people to meet.

Enjoy your time here: take all the opportunities and experiences you can and remember the benefits you have of living at home. For many of you it’s a good option financially, with lower student loans and being able to stay in a part time job you had before you were a student. For some of you remaining with your family and friends is really important and is something those living away from home often find difficult. 

As one student said a few years ago:

"You're lucky having your family to go back to each day."

There are always times when students need a bit of extra information or guidance, whether it’s to do with study, finances or more individual issues and general advice is available by following the links below:

However, if you prefer to speak to someone in person particularly about issues around being a ‘home student’ the named contacts are:

Student Services

Students' Union

Kim Davies

General Enquiries