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Non-medical Help - Support Workers Scheme

Information about the assistance we provide for students with disabilities, Support Workers and External NMH Providers.

For queries regarding Non Medical Help, please email

Information for Students

Click here for the Support Workers Scheme Guidelines

Click here for the Information for Students Receiving Notetaking Support

Click here for the Student Feedback for NMH Providers

Click here for the Complaints Policy - NMH

Information for Support Workers

Click here for the Code of Practice which you are expected to adhere, read and to work within its guidelines.

Click here for our Frequently Asked Questions - these questions cover many of the day-to-day issues that may arise during the course.

Mentor Forum dates

Monday 18th November 2019, 2pm-4pm - Meeting Room 2, Ground Floor, Neuadd Rathbone

Friday 13th March 2020, 10am-12 noon - Meeting Room 2, Ground Floor, Neuadd Rathbone

Exam Assistance

A student may have an assessed need for assistance in examinations. This is usually in the form of an exam reader, scribe, or both (often known as an Amanuensis). This assistance should not give the student any unfair advantage or disadvantage. If you are interested in providing assistance during exams, please contact the NMH Coordinator at least two weeks before the exams are due to start.

Exam Reader: Providing assistance to a student by reading the exam paper. In addition, for students with visual impairments, providing information from the printed literature accessed by sighted candidates.

Exam Scribe: Writing or word processing a student’s dictated answers to questions. You will be required to read back the student’s answers, as well as to amend diagrams, graphs and other visual aids as dictated by the student.

It is desirable that students have a practice session with their support worker before the exam.

Disability Services, Student Services: Guidelines for External NMH Providers

Click here for Guidelines for External NMH Providers



Updated August 2019