Personal Learning Support Plans (PLSP)

Additional support for students who require reasonable adjustments as a result of disability is provided by an individual Personal Learning Support Plan.  PLSPs outline the effects of disability and include the recommended adjustments that are required to ensure students are able to access their course and facilities.


If you are a new student, or you have not yet registered for a PLSP yet, you can do so at:

You will need to either upload your documentary evidence or forward a copy to Disability Services.

Current students should be able to view and agree to their PLSP in myBangor at:


If you have any questions, email Disability Services or call on 01248 383620 / 382032.

Disability Tutors

Schools’ Disability Tutors can view a report of all students in their School who have a PLSP in the new PLSP app at:

Personal Tutors and Senior Tutors

Where appropriate, tutors will now be able to see relevant PLSP data for their tutees.  The new Tutor System integrates information from students’ PLSPs once consent has been obtained.  Once a Personal Tutor clicks on a student’s name their information should appear onscreen, under the PLSP tab.  See:

Senior Tutors can view all PLSPs in their School.

Module Organisers

To ensure that all their students’ learning needs are addressed, Module Organisers have access to a class list tab where students’ individual teaching and learning entitlements are viewable. This is viewable in the new modules and assessments system, under the PLSP tab:

Examination Officers / Administrators

School administrators and exam officers can view a report of all students who require adjustments to exams, and are also able to view an individual's PSLP.   See:

Online Help / Guides for Staff

Online help/guides have been developed by ITS and are now available on how to use and navigate the various systems on myBangor: