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Student Top Tips

Each year at our Home Student Induction Day current students speak about their experiences and what they‘ve learnt about succeeding as a student. Here’s a selection of what we regularly hear so it must be good advice!

  • Make friends with your fellow students: not only good for socialising but you learn from their different skills bases and views / attitudes.
  • Be organised & make good use of your time: treat your studies like a job - work out a study timetable that suits you and stick to it.
  • Use the library: not just for finding resources but it’s a good place to study between classes and you can use the social learning spaces for group work.
  • Engage with extra curricula activities: there’s a lot more to university than the studying. Get involved and take as many opportunities as you can: Students’ Union Clubs & Societies and Volunteering projects, become a Peer Guide, peer learning sessions in your academic school, work experience relevant to your career aims – they all earn you points towards the Bangor Employability Award too!
  • Make friends with the staff: – both academic and admin staff. Don’t be afraid to talk to them and it makes it easier to Ask questions – big or small, academic or general, there is no such thing as a silly question and it will make your life easier to get answers to all those things you want to know about.
  • Check out the bursaries: a bit of extra cash is always handy and there are a number available: for example for those with caring responsibility, who study through Welsh or who have to go on a field trip.  Visit this website for additional information:
  • Use the support services if needed: everyone needs a little help from time to time so again don’t be afraid to ask. Pop down to Rathbone where there’s a range of friendly help available whether it sorting out a dyslexia test, problems with student finance, there’s a troublesome assignment or life is feeling a bit stressful.  Visit our the website for more information:
  • Arrive early to park: and don’t move your car at lunch time or you’ll never park again.  Remember to purchase a parking permit!!