Supporting Staff

Supporting Staff

The Mental Health Advisers are available to receive referrals of students about whom you are concerned. In addition, we support your welfare provision in colleges and departments in a variety of ways.

  • Following up your referral of a student to us.

  • Liaison with you and your school.

  • Support for colleges and departments coping with a trauma.

  • The chance to discuss concerns or request direction and guidance without having to disclose student details.

  • Emergency case meetings.

Academic, administrative, ancillary and support staff must all be clear about their individual skills, roles, and role boundaries.

Please remember that you should not hold serious anxieties about someone else on your own.

Dealing with a Mental Health Emergency.

As part of an overall welfare package for staff, the University provides a confidential and professional Staff Counselling Service available to all its employees offered by the Network of Staff Supporters Ltd (NOSS).