Information for DSA Assessors and Funding Bodies

If you would like further information regarding the funding details outlined below, please contact:

NMH Co-ordinator, Disability Services, Student Services, Bangor University, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 2DF 

Tel: 01248 383022 or email


Regardless of which provider the funding provider awards the NMH support, it is very important that students are signposted to register with Disability Services here at Bangor University in order that their support can be co-ordinated through a Personal Learning Support Plan.  Students should be referred to in the first instance.


NMH Provision at Bangor University – Specialist 1:1 Study Skills support

Period covered - 01/04/2018 through to 31/03/2019

Bangor University has registered with DSA-QAG in order to provide specialist one to one Study Skills Support.

The table below shows NMH rates. The greyed out cells indicate that the NMH provider does not offer these services.  

Note: NMH Support Rates shown per hour in the table below. 


  Standard Rate (in-person)

Distance Learning only
(in-person, in-home)

Remote Delivery (e.g. Facetime/Skype or similar) Only

Band 1 Support Assistants









Practical Support Assistant


Library Support Assistant






Workshop / Laboratory Assistant


Sighted Guide

Proof Reader                  

Band 2 Enhanced Support Assistants

Study Assistant



Examination Support Worker*


Manual Note Taker


Band 3 Specialist Enabling Support

Communication Support Worker







Electronic Note taker


Specialist Transcription Services


Mobility Trainer







Band 4 Specialist Access and Learning Facilitators

Specialist Mentor

Specialist One to One Study Skills Support (SpLD) £54.97 N/A £54.97       £54.97 N/A £54.97
Specialist One to One Study Skills Support (AS) £54.97 N/A £54.97       £54.97 N/A £54.97

BSL Interpreter

Language Support Tutor for deaf students                  
Assistive Technology Trainer                  

NMH Provision at Bangor University – Bands 1 and 2 including Note taking support

Whilst we are not registered with DSA-QAG to provide Bands 1 and 2 note taking support for Student Finance England, Bangor University is able to provide the support below for all other funding bodies, including Student Finance Wales.  Please note we are a single quote provider for Student Finance Wales.

Bangor University NMH rates:


Manual note taking

£17.98 per hour (excl VAT)


Specialist note taking

£34.98 (excl VAT)


Sighted Guide Support

£17.98 per hour (excl VAT)


Practical, library and campus mobility support

£17.98 per hour (excl VAT)



Randstad Student Support

Randstad Student Support have a long-standing Service Level Agreement with Bangor University and are able to provide NMH support, including Note taking support for Student Finance England. 

Please see their website here and click through to the Wales Regional Rates for roles and charge rates.

Contact: Randstad Student Support, 5th Floor, St James Buildings, 79 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6FQ 

Tel: 0161 247 8800, Fax: 0845 130 2714.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.


Inclusive Provision at Bangor University:

Lecture capture

Panopto lecture capture is available in all large teaching rooms.  It provides an excellent opportunity to reduce or overcome barriers faced by many students, including disabled students, particularly in traditional-style lectures.  

Teaching staff at Bangor University are requested that when using Panopto, as a minimum the audio of a lecture should be recorded and PowerPoint screens captured.  Slides should conform to the University’s clear print guidelines and delivery should be paced appropriately.


Where teaching styles do not lend themselves to Panopto, teaching staff are requested to implement equivalent strategies for lectures and seminars. These might include:

  • Key questions, outlines of sessions or PowerPoint slides made available at least 24 hours in advance of the class, wherever possible

  • Key words, and formulae where appropriate, provided (or the student directed to appropriate supporting texts/reading material) at least 24 hours before the class, wherever possible

  • Ensuring optimal layout of the learning space and seating arrangements where possible in smaller group teaching (e.g. to facilitate a student who is reliant upon lip-reading).  
  • Clear guidance to sources of additional/supplementary information, which students can use as the basis for further study. 

Practical activities

Inclusive strategies are also required for practical activities including laboratory and fieldwork.  Group work can reduce the need for personal assistance where this is commensurate with assessed learning outcomes. 

Accessibility should be factored in at the design stage, including consideration given to the barriers that venues and certain activities may pose for some disabled students. Field trip organisers should liaise with disabled students and Disability Services to identify adjustments or any individual requirements.

Personal Learning Support Plan (PLSP)

A student’s PLSP will indicate reasonable adjustments for students known to Disability Services.  Further information can be found at: and

Programme design, development and review

Inclusion is an ongoing process of institutional enhancement of the student experience. Inclusive learning, teaching and assessment practices benefit all students, and should be considered at all stages of programme design, development and review in order to prevent the need for retrospective adjustments.

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