Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information

What do we offer?

Self-help Materials on our website

We have included links on our homepage to a wide range of self-help sites. Links are provides on managing anxiety, depression, procrastination, exam stress, bereavement, addictions, eating disorders, abuse issues and other topics. These include downloadable podcasts to assist with relaxation and meditation skills along with exercises to encourage a good night’s sleep.

We have Information Handouts on our website on a range of topics which we hope you will find helpful.

These resources are a useful starting point for you explore and help you decide whether counselling might be appropriate for you. Please see the Menu box on our homepage.


iCan workshops, Building Resilience lectures.

The Counselling Service runs a varied workshop programme throughout the year, on such topics as depression, anxiety, procrastination and exam stress. The iCan workshop programme is open to all students and is widely advertised across the university. Please see the Menu on our homepage.


Support sessions 

On weekdays we offer short sessions for those who would like immediate support. The days and times are listed here.  If you would like to attend, please book by contacting our Administrator on the the day. Appointments are allocated on a first come first served basis.


Individual counselling sessions

Please see 'making an appointment' about our intake and assessment process. During the assesment appointment, we listen and talk to you and together we make some decisions about what we can offer that would be best suited to your particular needs. At this point we may recommend referral to another form of support or suggest one or a number of the services that we offer, such as attendance at a workshop/s or group.

You may be offered a series of appointments with a counsellor. As a general rule, we aim to work briefly with our clients, but there is a recognition that everyone’s needs differ: a single session may be helpful for one person, where longer term work may be indicated for another. Your counsellor will aim to give an indication of the number of sessions that will be offered in your first counselling session. The service aims to be responsive and fair, and regrettably there are times during high demand where we may have to limit what we offer.


Counselling Service library

We have a comprehensive library of self-help books available for loan by clients of our service, funded by Bangor Alumni. Books on a range of titles are available for short loan periods on recommendation from a member of the Counselling Team.


Please note – During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Counselling Service is offering  alternative services; therefore the content of this page may not be up-to-date.  Please see our home page for our current services.