Examination and Assessment Provision

The University adopts an individual approach to reasonable adjustments for assessment and examinations falling within the University’s rules. For adjustments to exams (e.g. extra time) you need to be registered with Disability Services and provide us with documentary evidence. We will then draw up a Personal Learning Support Plan which will include your exam adjustments.

The method of assessment of each module is detailed in the Gazettes. It is important that you check that assessment methods are accessible to you. If you have any concerns, you will need to liaise with your personal tutor, School Disability Tutor or disability services. Some adjustments may require a three-way discussion between you, your tutor and an Adviser to ensure that all programme requirements and learning outcomes are met and that the most appropriate adjustments for you can be put in place. In some cases, approval by the professional body validating the programme will also be required.

Early Start Room (Centrally administered examinations)

All students requiring 25% extra time alone, should sit their examinations in the Early Start Room.

Exam Support Room

Students who experience severe exam stress or who require comfort breaks may take their examinations in the Exam Support Room and should liaise direct with the Examinations Office in good time.

See Examination Procedures.

Deadlines for booking arrangements

Students requiring reasonable adjustments for examinations (for example, computer facilities, scribe, etc) must book in as soon as possible after the publication of the examination timetable (normally mid-November and 1st March). The final deadlines for making any reasonable adjustments for examinations are:

Friday 6th December 2019

Class tests

Where students have prior notice of class exams, they have a responsibility to liaise with module organisers in good time to ensure that reasonable adjustments are in place.

If you have any queries, please contact the Examinations Office or Disability Services.

Special Circumstances in Examinations and Assessment

For further information on examinations procedure please see https://www.bangor.ac.uk/student-administration/assessment/procs.php.en#circ

Rules Governing Examinations and Assessments

These are contained in the Student Guide. Also see Code of Practice on Inclusive Provision for Disabled Students.

Updated 20.01.2020