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Mature Student FAQs

When will I get my timetable / library card / student finance award?

These follow on once you’ve registered so make sure you complete both stages of the registrations process:

  • submit the online form
  • submit your ID for checking

More details can be found in your Welcome Week Diary and online.

Will I get the Bangor Bursary?

Your eligibility is based on information already provided to the student loans company. If you are eligible a letter will be sent in February and you will get paid from the 1st of March. 

Who do I go to if I have a problem?

Your personal tutor. Is a good starting point. You should be allocated one within your first few weeks of term. If you don’t, contact your school administrator.

Who can help me find a job?

The Skills and Employability Service (Careers) will be able to help you find part-time work, update your C.V and prepare you for interviews. Contact them at  or visit their stall today.

Personal Tutors

Where can I find a list of Students Union Activities?

Have a look on the Bangor Students Union's website for details or pop down to see them on the 4th floor of Pontio


  • you can find most information at  and in your welcome week diary!
  • car parking information is on a separate information sheet.