Health and wellbeing

Student Health

We are currently without a Student Health Nurse, for medical matters please contact your GP.

Your nearest dedicated sexual health clinic can be found at Ysbyty Gwynedd.

Ebola advice

Is there any risk of the Ebola virus being transmitted at the University?

The risk of Ebola being transmitted due to students, or staff, arriving from affected countries is extremely low.

Staff and students who have travelled from affected countries, (Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea) and who are free of symptoms, are not infectious and therefore will have no restrictions on their education or normal activities.

Please be reassured that Bangor University takes the welfare of all its students and staff very seriously and will continue to monitor the situation even though the risk is very low.

Is there anything I can do to protect myself and others?

As with all infectious illnesses, washing your hands thoroughly with warm soapy water is the first step in protecting yourself. Follow general good hygiene rules, washing your hands before you eat and after you have been to the toiled, wash any raw food you consume, cough and sneeze into a tissue, and throw this away immediately – and then wash your hands. Maintain your immune system by eating healthily, and get sufficient sleep – you are more likely to fall ill if you are tired and run down.

The most up to date information regarding Ebola, including travel advice and advice for Universities can be found on the Public Health Wales website.

Have you had your measles, mumps and rubella vaccination?

Have you had the full two recommended doses?

Check with your GP practice today!

Check with your parents/guardians if you had the immunisations before attending school.

They are usually given at 12/13 months with a second dose at age 3 - 4.

Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is a primary concern at the University;  and we hope to create an environment which is conducive both to your academic study and to your own health, wellbeing and personal development.

During your time at University there are many opportunities for you to explore a wide range of activities, perhaps for the first time, as well as opportunities to enjoy a social life which is suited to you.

The Students' Union and the University work together to enhance your wellbeing:

  • you have personal tutors within your academic school who will help you with any academic issues
  • there are study skills sessions to assist you within the learning environment
  • peer guides are existing students who will help you to settle into university life during the first few weeks of term
  • Student Services and the Students' Union can assist you with specific queries or concerns
  • our professional student counselling service is completely confidential
  • a team of hall wardens provide support for you within halls
  • a crisis team of staff can assist students who live in the private rented sector
  • we have a jobmart which can help you find part-time work, and hardship funds to provide some extra financial support if you are having difficulties
  • we have special student health facilities at our local GP practice
  • a wide range of clubs and societies offer a variety of opportunities to explore individual interests - you can set up your own club or society if there is not one already
  • the Student Union Athletic Union represents many sporting interests, including have a go sessions for new sports, and our sports centre at Canolfan Brailsford provides a base for many sporting activities as well as having health and fitness facilities
  • your safety and security is enhanced by our university security service, with our own community police officer

Look out for our wide range of Student Wellbeing activities throughout the year - These will be posted on the University Intranet Pages.

We welcome your feedback

We would welcome your feedback about the service received, to enable us to develop and provide the best possible service now and in the future.

Please contact one of the following with our comments:

Name Position
Maria Lorenzini Director of Student Experience
Steph Barbaresi Head of Student Support