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Additional PGCE Funding

PGCE students undertaking a course at Bangor may also be entitled to receive additional financial support.

Teacher training incentives in Wales – academic year 2020/21

Availability of Initial Teacher Training incentives is announced by the Welsh Government on an annual basis. The Initial Teacher Training incentive grants in Wales for students starting in the 2020/21 academic year are as follows for the subjects taught at Bangor University:

Incentive Grant Amount Subject Degree Classification
£20,000 Postgraduate secondary courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry or Welsh 1st and/or PhD/Masters 
£10,000  Postgraduate secondary courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry or Welsh  2:1 
£6,000  Postgraduate secondary courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry or Welsh  2:2 
£3,000  Postgraduate secondary courses in biology, religious education, art, physical education, music, outdoor education.  1st and/or PhD/Masters 
£3,000  Postgraduate primary courses  1st and/or PhD/Masters 
Additional £3,000 supplements Postgraduate primary courses with a degree subject specialism of English, Welsh, Mathematics, physics or chemistry  1st and/or PhD/Masters 

Bursaries for PGCE students who are not eligible for ITT Training Grants 

Bangor University has introduced bursaries for PGCE student from the EU and UK outside of Wales*, who are NOT eligible to receive the Teaching Training Incentives. These bursaries will be assessed on a student’s taxable household income and awarded in the second semester. 

Bangor Bursaries: 

Taxable Household Income Bangor Bursary Award
£25,000 or less  £1,000
£25,001 - £40,000  £500

Further information about the Bangor Bursaries is available on this page of the University website: 

*ALL Welsh students will receive a non-means tested £1,000 Welsh Government Learning Grant from the Welsh Government instead of the Bangor Bursary.