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Emergency Dental Services

Accessing emergency dental treatment

If you or a family member has dental pain needing urgent treatment please choose the advice below to help you get the most appropriate treatment.

If you have a regular NHS Dentist and find yourself in need of urgent dental treatment during normal working hours – contact your dentist for help as soon as possible.

If you have a NHS Dentist and are in need of urgent treatment outside of normal working hours, or if you do not have a dentist – contact NHS Direct Wales on 0845 4647. NHS Direct Wales offer a 24/7 service for patients to speak to a dental professional who will triage you, provide you with advice and if appropriate refer you to an Emergency Dental Service in North Wales or even to an Emergency Department if deemed necessary.

Emergency Dental Service

The Emergency Dental Service (EDS) provides patients access to urgent dental treatment at a variety of clinics across North Wales.

At least one EDS clinic operates on each of the following, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and Saturday & Sunday mornings.

EDS clinics are located at Bethesda, Llanfair PG, Llandudno Junction, Rhyl, Deeside and Wrexham.

The EDS clinic in Wrexham operates out of the Grove Road Dental Centre and has sessions on Thursday evening (12 places), and Sunday morning (24 places).

Thursday clinics are appointment only, via the NHS Direct triage service. No appointment is required for the Sunday morning session although patients are advised to be there by 9.00am as the slots fill quickly.