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Student Safety and Security

  • Attend your School or Department's Health and Safety induction session, this will provide valuable information on how the University and the School/Department looks after your safety, oh and it's compulsory!
  • Take time-out to 'read' the Student Health and Safety Handbook. It's full of 'useful' information to help you whilst at the University, honestly!
  • Know the 'emergency procedures' for the buildings you will be in and know what to do in the event of a fire - is there more than one way out of the building?
  • Find out what your School or Department's arrangements are for health and safety.
  • Follow those procedures that are already established - they are there to help and protect you.
  • Report all accidents and incidents and know who to report them to.

Safety Guide (English)

Safety Guide (Chinese Taiwan)

Safety Guide (Mainland Chinese)

Out and About - Personal Safety

Bangor is one of the safest University cities in the UK, but like every town and city in the country you should take reasonable care of yourself and not put yourself in any unnecessary danger. When you are out and about in town, remember:

  • Make sure the area you are walking in is well lit and is not remote.
  • Walk in the direction of oncoming traffic; at least you will see those cars coming!
  • Walk tall and be confident; never show that you are feeling insecure, don't look like an easy target.
  • Avoid walking home alone, try to link up with other students walking in the same direction.
  • Be aware of your drinks in pubs and clubs; make sure that a friend is looking after your drink when you go on the dance floor or to the toilet. Never give somebody the opportunity to 'lace' your drink.
  • Report all incidents to the police or to the Students' Union / Student Welfare; if you don't report incidents nothing can ever be done to prevent something happening in the future.

For more information on how Bangor University promotes a Safe Campus and for advice on harassment and/or assault, please see the Safe Campus page on our Inclusive Community website.

Useful Contacts

In an Emergency telephone
on all internal phones: 333
on all external phones: 999

University Security: 01248 38 2795

Health and Safety Advice: 01248 38 3847



No one wants to be harmed through stupidity so use your common sense, think of yourself and of others and if you see something dangerous 'do something about it' don't leave it for someone else - you never know what might happen!