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Frequently Asked Questions

Support Workers

For more information please refer to the Code of Practice. 

To contact the support worker scheme coordinator, please email or phone (01248) 38 3022.

What do I do if the student does not turn up to the lecture?

You will need to inform the service coordinator, as well as contacting the student to check whether they attended.  This includes sending the coordinator an absence slip to record all absences for the student.  You should still attend the lecture and takes notes as usual, as the student may still be able to receive the notes.  If the student does not have a legitimate reason for not attending the lecture, then they will not receive the notes.  This will be determined by the Disability Service.  If the student is repeatedly absent, or is absent for three lectures in a row then the support work may be withdrawn.  Please contact the service coordinator for guidance.

I am unwell and unable to attend the lecture.  What should I do?

Inform the coordinator and student(s) as soon as possible.  The coordinator may be able to arrange a replacement for the student(s) until you are able to attend lectures.

What happens if the lecture changes, or is cancelled?

If you are able to attend the changed lecture, please do so and complete the timesheet accordingly.  If you cannot attend the changed lecture, please inform the service coordinator so that a replacement can be found.
If you attend a lecture and find that it is has been cancelled, please contact the service coordinator as soon as possible and claim for the original lecture time and length.  It is the student’s responsibility to inform the support workers of lecture changes and cancellations, and so unless you are told otherwise, please attend the lectures for which you have been timetabled.  If a session is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, you will be paid.

I will be absent from one or more lectures.  Do I need to tell anyone?

Yes, as otherwise the student will not receive any support.  Please give the coordinator as much notice as possible so that a temporary replacement can be found.

The lecturer wishes to know who you are taking notes for.  Can I tell them?

You are bound by the Code of Practice to maintain confidentiality, and so should not reveal the name of a student.  If the lecturer wishes to see which students have a disability requiring the services of a notetaker, they should refer to either the relevant School’s Disability Tutor to read the students’ PLSP, or the “Banner” list available for each module they are teaching.

I feel I can no longer support my student.  What should I do?

This can occur for many reasons.  You will need to discuss this with the coordinator to resolve the matter.  The student and support worker should continue as normal until a solution is found.

Timesheet Procedures

A separate timesheet must be input on OPUS for each individual student, and for each type of support provided to that student.  Once input, the timesheet status will show as ‘New’ until you have submitted it.  At this point the status will change to ‘pending’ and your student will have had contact via OPUS to ask them to approve your hours.

If you need support with your timesheet input please refer to the OPUS User Guide for Support Workers or call Randstad for support.

Payroll Information/Timetable

  • Please try and submit your timesheets on a weekly basis.  The deadline for timesheets to be approved by your students is 17th of each month.  Any timesheets still not approved by this date will be carried forward to the next month’s payroll.
  • Pay day is the 24th of the month.
  • All payments are made by BACS (cheques can be arranged in exceptional circumstances).
  • Payslips are sent out to the Support Worker’s home address shortly after the payroll run.
  • PAYE and NI are deducted as appropriate.

I have been having problems getting my timesheet accepted.  Should I continue to take notes?

Yes.  The student may prefer to accept all timesheets once a week or once a fortnight.  When passing on the notes you should remind the student of the importance of accepting the timesheet and refer them to the service coordinator if they are having trouble accessing the website or not receiving emails from OPUS.  You should contact the service coordinator as soon as possible to keep them informed of the situation.  If it would be helpful for you to see what is required of your students in the approval process, please see OPUS User Guide for Students.

I am required to produce typed notes for my student(s).  How do I do this?

Please use Comic Sans as the text font and font size 12, unless the students tell you otherwise.  If you are emailing the notes to more than one student, please put their email addresses in the BCC box so that confidentiality is maintained between students.  In all cases please also CC a copy to that the coordinator can keep a copy of the notes, and to verify that you have been sending the notes to the students.  If you do not email a copy to the coordinator it will be assumed that you did not take notes for the students and this may result in payment being delayed or even withheld.  The coordinator will follow up any notes which have not been sent within a reasonable time.

I wish to take holidays, can I do this?

  • You should not take holidays during term time, although you can claim holiday pay for days which you are not working.  The amount of holiday pay you can claim is calculated at 12.07% of your monthly hours worked and are calculated by Randstad payroll. 
  • The holiday year runs from January to December, all holidays must be taken by payroll at end January.  Any holiday not taken by the end of the holiday year will be lost.  So it’s important that you check your holiday fund at the end of the year so we can make sure you have taken all you have accrued.
  • For up to date information on how much holiday you have accrued/taken please contact Randstad.
  • To claim your holidays, you must complete a holiday request form and submit by email, fax or post to Randstad by the 10th of the month to be processed with your pay for the 24th.

What are the contact details for the tax office handling my pay?

Tax office tel: 0845 300 0627.   PAYE reference: 070/R5204.

For any initial queries about your tax code, P46 or P45 forms, please contact Randstad.

I have a problem with my pay, who should I contact?

You will be able to keep track of the status of your timesheets on OPUS.  However if you have any additional problems relating to holiday pay, maternity pay, unpaid work etc, please contact Randstad. 

Contact Details: Randstad’s Account Specialist:
Sanjeet Deb
Randstad Student & Worker Support
5th Floor
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Tel: 0845 130 4655
Fax: 0845 130 2714