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This building is identified as building 51 on the Bangor University site map

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Vehicular access

Vehicular access from College Road (swipe card car park barrier needed)


Park in the blue badge bays in front of Main Arts if going to Powis Hall or PJ Hall Park in the blue badge bays by the Library (see Library) which is closest to the entrance by the Main Arts lift if going to other areas of Main Arts


Main entrance has a ramp (with handrails) and powered doors Quad entrance (nearest the Main Arts lift) is on a level with powered doors. Also level entrances from Terrace (Lloyd side is powered)

NOTE: Access to Music II Rooms, G1, G8 & G9 is via Powis Hall and may be difficult for wheelchair users


Pull / push doors NOTE: Most doors are held open by the fire system


Accessible toilet by the Terrace Conference Rooms (basement floor) Accessible toilet by PJ Hall (Powis Hall side).

NOTE: You will need to enter via the Main Arts foyer


Yes - but you need to approach the lift via the Quad entrance (see Library for parking)

Refuge Points

Yes, in both staircases (College Park side of the building)


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