Disabled Students Allowances – Our Access Centre is here to help you!

Who are we?
Established as the first Needs Assessment Centre in Wales, we are the only Assessment Centre based at the University in Bangor and through our close working relationship have an in-depth knowledge of its curriculum and facilities.

What we can do for you
We can support any Bangor University student with their application for DSA.  This includes support with completing the application form, liaising with Student Records and being able to answer most questions you may have with regards to the DSA process.

We will also save a copy of the form in case it gets lost in the post.

What you need to bring
Before you can apply for DSA, you will need to bring with you a copy of your diagnostic evidence or medical evidence, and your customer reference number - this number can be found on any letter from your funding body, such as your student loan letter.

How do I make an appointment?
You can make an appointment to get the support for your application by contacting us by email or phone.  If you have seen an Adviser they may have already made an appointment for you. 

How to find us
We are on the First Floor of the main entrance to Neuadd Rathbone (Student Services).  Feel free to call us (01248 388101), email us (access_centre@bangor.ac.uk), or pop in to make an appointment

Publication date: 29 October 2018