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Dissertation research writing series

The Study Skills Centre is holding a series of five interactive workshops aimed at students who are thinking ahead towards their dissertation and at those who are engaged in preliminary background research. This free series provides a hands-on opportunity to: (a) develop your research goals, (b) assess your research management, (c) consider how to approach your literature review, (d) shape an abstract, and (e) explore what makes a purposeful introduction. For an outline of the content of each workshop, go online to

Dissertation research writing 1: Defining your topic
26.01.15 and repeated on 29.01.15 (2:00–3:30)

Is your research aim achievable, and what are the merits of pursuing it? These are two questions that this workshop considers as we work through the process of generating a research question from an initial topic choice.

Dissertation research writing 2: Planning your dissertation
2.02.15 and repeated on 5.02.15 (2:00–3:30)

This workshop explores the notion of a ‘research audit’ as a means of identifying the stages that you will need to work through in order to successfully manage your research project to completion.

Dissertation research writing 3: Reviewing the Literature
16.02.15 and repeated on 19.02.15 (2:00–3:30)

In this workshop we explore the purpose of literature reviews and consider how the review is located within your research. We consider also how to shape an authoritative stance towards the literature and how to organise your review to maximum effect.

Dissertation research writing 4: Writing Abstracts
23.02.15 and repeated on 26.02.15 (2:00–3:30)

What makes a good abstract? This workshop aims to answer this question through comparison of abstracts from a range of different disciplines and reaching conclusions about some set core features.

Dissertation research writing 5: Writing Introductions
2.03.15 and repeated on 5.03.15 (2:00–3:30)

This workshop explores the function of written introductions and the moves that writers make when introducing their work to their readers.

Publication date: 15 January 2015