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Semester 2 Exam timetable published / Exam Adjustments

The exam timetable is available here:

Exam Adjustments

This information relates to exams only.  If alternative assessments are identified in your PLSP, these must be arranged with your School.

The May exam timetable is now available to students online (

Students with PLSPs (Personal Learning Support Plans) must book examination adjustments prior to EVERY end of semester exam series as soon as the timetables are published.  This is to ensure that reasonable adjustments match the assessment method for each of your exams.

Email as soon as possible and by Friday, 3 April and include the following details:

Your name and student ID.

  • Your year of study and the name of your degree programme.
  • The module code of exam(s) that you are taking, along with the date that they are being sat.
  • WHICH of the adjustments from your PLSP you require for each of the exams you are sitting.

Once this information has been received, an Exam Adjustment Form will be completed and e-mailed to you as confirmation that your adjustments have been made.

But, should you wish to discuss your arrangements with a member of staff from the Examinations Office, please note this on your e-mail and an appointment will be made for you.


  • Please book in your arrangements as soon as possible.  If you miss the deadline (Friday, 3 April), we cannot guarantee that we can put in place your adjustments.  See:
  • Students in Health Sciences:  please contact your School for exam adjustments.


Publication date: 1 March 2020