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Financial considerations when suspending or withdrawing from study

Students who are considering suspending or withdrawing should seek guidance from the Student Support Team on their individual case but below are some general points for you to be aware of:

Student Finance

As a general rule undergraduate students are allocated student funding for the duration of their course (usually 3 or 4 years) plus one additional year. If you suspend or withdraw from study part way through a year you will have received funding for that year. When you return the following year to recommence your studies you will probably be using your ‘additional year’. If needed, students would be expected to
self-fund any additional years needed to complete their degree and would only be eligible for a maintenance loan for this period.

Once a student has suspended or withdrawn from study:

  • the appropriate proportion of tuition loan will be calculated using your last attendance date and your tuition loan will be adjusted accordingly.
  • no further student finance payments will be made - although in special circumstances an appeal against this might be considered for those suspending studies.
  • the appropriate proportion of student finance will be calculated using your last attendance date and any overpayments will be reclaimed. Any overpaid funding not repaid will be deducted from your future funding entitlement.

Other financial considerations:

  • once you are no longer a student you may be liable for Council Tax payments so check with your Local Authority.
  • unless your landlord agrees to release you from a tenancy agreement, you will still be liable for any rent you have contracted to pay. The University and landlords who advertise through Studentpad will usually release you from the contract but will charge you one month’s rent and an administration fee.
  • if you are in receipt of any welfare benefits you will need to inform them of your change of circumstances for any necessary adjustments to be made.

You can find more information on the reclaim of overpayment of student finance via the links below.


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If you receive student finance from elsewhere please check your provider’s website.