Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information

How to suspend or withdraw from study?

NHS funded students MUST apply to their academic School for Withdrawal or Suspension from study.

All other Undergraduate applications for either suspension or withdrawal from study must be made through the Student Support Team in Student Services using the appropriate form. It is preferable for this to done in person by meeting an adviser to discuss the situation although in some circumstances it can be done by phone or email.

It should also be done as soon as possible after your decision has been made in order to reduce any student finance overpayments.

Once the form has been submitted the Student Adviser will:

  • inform the relevant staff within the university as appropriate to your circumstances.
  • inform Student Finance organisations where relevant
  • confirm with you when this has been completed
  • will contact those who have suspended study about 2 months before your expected return with necessary information for you to resume your studies.

If you have suspended your studies or withdrawn completely from study you also need to inform Student Finance. This helps avoid / minimise overpayment of student finance and problems with future applications. If you are transferring to another university you should delay contacting Student Finance until you have successfully transferred and then inform them which institution you have transferred to.