Interrupting/Suspending your studies

It is possible if you are having problems relating to health, family or finance to suspend your studies temporarily. Whilst not an automatic right, the University gives sympathetic consideration to any request from students to suspend their studies and will endeavour to provide appropriate advice.

It should be noted that suspensions of study are not a way of catching up on a back log of work, or as a means to improve marks. Suspensions of study are subject to Bangor University regulations in respect of time limits. Students on a three year degree course must complete within five years, those on a four year course, within six years. Your time limit will not automatically be extended simply because you have decided to suspend your studies.

How do I suspend my studies?

  1. You are strongly encouraged to discuss the matter with either your personal tutor or someone in your academic School or with Stephanie Barbaresi in Student Services. You will need to be clear about how suspending your studies will affect your course, finances, accommodation etc. Any request for a student to suspend their studies must be supported by their School.
  2. Once you have made the decision to suspend your studies and have obtained the consent of your School you need to see Stephanie Barbaresi to formalise the suspension. Mrs Barbaresi will again go through the implications of suspending your studies. If you are suspending your studies for health reasons, you will need to provide a medical certificate.
  3. Normally students who suspend their studies return to commence the semester they have left, however if you have completed a semester it is possible to rejoin the next semester the following academic year. If this is the case work/marks from the completed semester will be carried forward. However if you are re-commencing from semester 1 then any previous marks/work will be forfeited and you will start with a ‘clean slate’

Is it too late for me to take a ‘gap year’?

It is not unusual for students who have come straight from School or College to feel pressured to go straight on to University, and also to end up at University without necessarily having given their choice of course or University due consideration. Some students have reported that that they feel they are on a ‘treadmill of education’ and that they themselves have had little input on their fate. If this is the case you may wish to take a year out from education, in which to establish what it is you really want to do. You are advised to discuss such matters with your personal tutor and then to speak to Mrs Stephanie Barbaresi.

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