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Staff Training Provided by our Mental Health Advisers

Mental Health Advisers can offer training and support to relevant staff to develop their understanding of mental health issues and their responses to students.

  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Wales

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Wales


In response to staff comments, the Mental Health Strategy Group applied for and received funding to roll out the Mental Health First Aid course across the University. The course is delivered by Bangor University’s Mental Health Advisers; Fiona Rickard and Cheryl Parkinson. Between them, Fiona and Cheryl have over 50 years’ experience of working with individuals experiencing a range of Mental Health conditions at various stages – from crisis, first episode psychosis, enduring and in recovery. The wealth of this knowledge is used to present and encourage participants to explore aspects that raise concerns for them in their role here within the University and explore the range of solutions that may help.

In the same way that Physical First Aid is not intended to teach you to be Medical Experts, Mental Health First Aid is not expecting people to become expert in the field of mental health. It is intended to build confidence in managing situations that arise in the course of your work, preventing further harm and preserving life until further help is sort.


Session 1 - Background, policy

Session 2 - Suicide and depression

Session 3 - Depression and self-harm

Session 4 - Psychosis

What will I learn on the course?

  •  How to apply the 5 steps of MHFA
  •  How to respond if you believe someone is at risk of suicide.
  •  How to give immediate help until professional help is available.
  •  What to say and do in a crisis
  •  The importance of good listening skills
  •  Practice listening and responding
  •  Understanding recovery from mental health problems
  •  Understanding the connection between mental health problems and alcohol and drugs
  •  Understanding the connection between mental health problems and discrimination
  •  Some basic information about common mental health problems
  •  Self help information

Time Commitment

12 hours, over two dates.


1st & 15th June 2018

14th & 15th August 2018

7th & 14th February 2019

Learning Methods

This training sessions is highly interactive. 

For further information about dates and location please refer to the Schedule.


How can I attend a workshop?

Places on the course are limited so will be issued on a first come first serve basis. If the date isn’t convenient you can note your interest and your name will be kept on a reserve list for the next programme.  You must first get approval from your manager to attend and following this please contact us on 8414 or email us at